Children eat a meal while attending the Haldo Dubon Callejas grade school in Chinandega, Nicaragua. The school was started by a Roman Catholic priest, who in 1995 came upon children scavenge for food at the Chinandega city dump in Nicaragua. Children often have to compete with adults, swarms of flies or hungry animals such as oxen, horses  and dogs for the rotten food. The priest decided to help by building a school and feeding the children. Then came Hurricane Mitch in 1998 killing 2,800 people in Nicaragua and leaving half a million homeless. Nearly 2,000 of the homeless came to live in a makeshift encampment outside the Chinandega dump. Due to the efforts of the priest and Rotary now there are fewer than 300 people are living near the dump.


An association of Rotarians, Rotarian spouses, and Rotaractors supporting projects and activities designed to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in our communities and nations including feeding of the hungry and malnourished among us.


Our objective is to create a strong and effective network of Rotarians and friends who are working to end hunger and malnutrition in all corners of our world.

This Rotarian Action Group operates in accordance with Rotary International Policy, but is not an agency of or controlled by Rotary International.